Meet Emily Wallace - our friend, neighbor, and owner of Midtown Yoga. The roots of Midtown Yoga were planted where passion and purpose meet. Emily was inspired to try yoga after feeling uncertain about her life’s path in her early 20s. During her first year of college, she began to practice yoga and immediately knew she had discovered her passion.

Emily earned her teacher training certifications and began teaching yoga everywhere she could. From teaching at local studios, gyms, college apartment complexes, and retirement homes to hosting yoga teacher trainings, and international yoga retreats all over the world, she immersed herself in sharing the power of yoga and building a connected community.

What began with a simple yoga practice years ago has now blossomed into a space for all to gather, guide, and grow. With the support of family, friends, and the community, Midtown Yoga was born.

Emily stopped in last week to show us her signature Create-Your-Own Bowl. See what keeps her and Midtown Yoga going below.

This year has been a huge learning experience for me in self care. Midtown Yoga just celebrated our one year anniversary and I’ve had to learn the importance of fueling my body with healthy food and to practice what I preach on the mat so I can show up for my students and team in the best way possible.
— Emily Wallace

The Midtown Bowl

arugula, cucumbers, cabbage slaw, pickled carrots, squash hummus, oven roasted chicken, feta cheese, mint, herb yogurt dressing