#MYCYO: JOJo POLK of core Raleigh


JoJo Polk, owner of Core Fitness Studio in Raleigh, is an inspirational powerhouse. Dedicated to empowering people to DIG (Determination, Intensity, and Guts) he founded Core Fitness Studio as a space for people to connect, work hard, and transform their lives through fitness. Making Raleigh healthier one butt-kicking bootcamp at a time requires some serious fuel so JoJo recently stopped by our North Hills location to show us his go-to Create-Your-Own breakfast bowl...the JoJo Bowl.

As an athlete, I know that physical health is key to enhancing performance. You depend on strength, skill, and endurance, whether you’re intercepting the football or making that final push to reach your PR in class. Being your best takes Determination, Intensity, and Guts but that’s not all. Like a car, your body won’t run without the right fuel. I am not a fan of supplements and powders, that is why my meals contain carbs, fats, and enough protein to promote muscle
growth and repair.
— JoJo Polk

The JoJo Bowl

brown rice, scrambled eggs, bacon, red peppers, oven roasted chicken, feta cheese