Ginger: Juicing's MVP

At Happy + Hale, it’s no secret – we love juice. Be it red, yellow, green, orange, purple…juicing is a healthy way to work sources of energy, vitamins, and minerals into your diet. Glance over our menu or scour the web for recipes of your own and you’re likely to find one ingredient that keeps stepping in to spice things up: ginger.


As a flavor, ginger was traditionally seen in Asian, African, and Indian-influenced dishes. It also has a history of being used in many cultures as a means of natural medicine.  A little bit of ginger goes a long way to add earthy, warm, and spicy flavors to any dish or drink.

Don’t be mistaken though – ginger brings a lot more than zest to the table.  In fact, we’ve made a running list of its superpowers.


Gingerol, which is the active compound in ginger, is a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. Studies have even gone so far to point out that consuming ginger regularly can help with pain, swelling, and mobility in those with arthritis.


Ginger’s inherent anti-inflammatory properties also make it a weapon against cancerous cells.  The University of Michigan Medical School has perhaps the most compelling research to make this case, with data that points to ginger helping to prevent colon cancer by keeping gut inflammation under control. Plus, antioxidants in ginger can contribute to other types of cancer protection.


In many cultures, ginger tea is used to calm stomachaches. Not to mention its potential to soothe nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness.

Immunity Boost

Ginger is immunity’s dream sidekick. As a naturally antimicrobial food, it blocks troublesome microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. As if that wasn’t enough, ginger also awakens specialized white blood cells that can actively destroy viruses and tumor cells.

Digestion Boost

Ginger helps to neutralize stomach acid and contains certain enzymes that make it easier for the stomach to break down protein.

Circulation Boost

Ginger can help expand blood vessels, making blood circulation easier and more fluid while preventing issues such as blood clots and high cholesterol.

The best part about ginger is that the list could go on.  Beyond all of the practical ways ginger can improve health, it is also likely to improve skin and hair. No wonder we slip a little of it into almost every juice. The spice is right…