#MYCYO: Ashley liu kirkman of raleigh group fitness

Ashley Liu Kirkman is a ROCK STAR. Yes, we said it. ALK is a fitness instructor, full-time lawyer, mom to two beautiful daughters and Co-Founder of Raleigh Group Fitness. Wow - inspiring much? How does she keep going? Healthy fuel of course. Ashely Liu stopped by our North Hills location to show us her favorite Create-Your-Own Bowl, aptly named…the ALK Bowl. What’s in it? Read below.

“Food is our fuel and when I’m nutritionally off, I can’t do what I do.  Don’t overcomplicate healthy eating - LISTEN to your body - it will tell you what you need to feel your best. Eat things you love often and the good stuff will inevitably prevail.”
— Ashley Liu Kirkman
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shredded chicken breast

shredded chicken breast

The ALK Bowl:
Shredded kale, cauliflower rice, cucumbers, butternut squash, bacon, avocado mash, shredded chicken breast, honey sriracha dressing, topped with crispy pita.
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