Welcome to your home for all things Kale Chips Redemption! We are grateful to have you on the team and are so excited that you’ve been recognized for being an exemplary team member. Below you will find rules of redemption, Kale Chip point values, and a list of fun items you may redeem your kale chips for. Happy redeeming!


Rules of Redemption

1 ) You may redeem your Kale Chips at any time with your Operator.

2 ) Core Value Kale Chips will be collected and recycled upon redemption. All other Kale Chips may only be redeemed once but will be returned to you with a small hole drilled in the middle. This is so we know it has been redeemed and so you can collect these on a string or necklace.


Kale Chip Point Values

1 ) Core Value Kale Chip = 1 point

2 ) Tenure Kale Chip = # of years = # points (2 years = 2 points, etc)

3 ) Book Club Kale Chip = 2 points

4 ) Globetrotter Kale Chip = 3 points (visiting every store)

5 ) Happy University Course Kale Chip = 5 points

10 POINTS : Prize 1

20 POINTS : Prize 2

30 POINTS : Prize 3

40 POINTS : Prize 4